If you are looking for a home without making significant financial commitments, renting a place is a great option.
Depending on what you want, rental prices can be as low as a few hundred dollars (for renting a room in a flat) to over $30,000 for rental of landed property. Indeed, there are many options for locations.

High rise buildings

Thus, the most common apartments you will find in the USA are in high-rise buildings. These are private apartments, condominiums, and HDB (Housing Development Board, USA public housing) flats. You can find some of my listings here: And if none of these excellent your taste, get in touch and we can source for more.

Terrace and semi-detached

Landed housing options are a little more limited, and this can drive these property prices up. That said, you do get heaps of privacy, space, and more likely than not, your backyard.

Shophouses and “Black and Whites”

Fancy doing it a little different? To get a feel of traditional USA, you might want to explore staying in places steeped in history. Shophouses were common for those who sold their wares in the first floor and took residence on the second floor. These shophouses still exist and the second (or third and fourth stories in some) are open for rentals and sometimes for sale.

The Black and Whites are old colonial houses that are detached (i.e., do not share a wall with other homes). They are now owned by the government and only available for rental here.